i3R's Story

i3R Outsourcing is an energetic and experienced outsourced call centre, dedicated to creating greater customer relationships with our clients, and generating the results they require. We have partnered with a range of businesses that are looking for a unique service, in contrast to the traditional outsourced call centre offered in Australia.
We pride ourselves on not just being a ‘call centre’, but a partner that you can rely on and our clients love to deal with. Our contribution of professional and engaging call centre services, gives our clients the peace of mind that their business is in good hands.

Our team is led by dedicated directors with over 30 years’ experience in contact centres, including both inbound and outbound. With a niche in the Australian contact centre industry required, we created i3R to fill this gap in the market.

The power behind our success comes from our dedicated teams of customer service specialists that are committed to providing clear and detailed reporting. These reports display live and accurate data as it occurs. Our team of leading experts monitor this information, to ensure this is consistent and relevant to our clients’ needs.

i3R provide an integrated range of services including first class outbound telemarketing, inbound marketing, direct sales, appointment setting, telesales, customer retention and market research services. We are proud to admit that most of our clients consider our call centre services one of their best investments. i3R Outsourcing provides our clients with trusted and consistent results based on mutual goals and a passion for superior outcomes.

We like to think of ourselves not just as Australia’s most trusted and reliable outsourcing supplier, but as a partner within your business.


We have designed our outsourced call centre services to work seamlessly with your business.

At i3R, we understand the importance of a client’s needs and appreciate that every client’s needs and objectives are different. This is the reason why we tailor our services to be cost effective options to suit every business, their requirements and budget.


With personalised service and a unique level of transparency with our clients, we are an industry leader in outsourcing call centre solutions in Australia. Our team of highly skilled i3R Outsourcing staff are Australian based and are confident in delivering the best ‘turn-key’ solution for all of our call centre clients.

We have the experience, the talent, and the knowledge to achieve the very best results for your business. All outsourcing requirements you need – we’ve got it covered.

Our range of call centre services includes:



Our i3R call centre agents are trained to generate leads and will make outbound calls on behalf of your business to achieve the closing sale for you. Our calls can include telemarketing, sales or fundraising calls. The i3R agents are also skilled in arranging calls to update your contact lists or conduct surveys for all your business requirements.



The cost effective solution to better manage your customer service and enquiries is through an inbound marketing support. The i3R service team will handle a range of inbound calls for your business to better enhance your customer services, sale leads, reception services and store locations.



Our experienced call centre agents specialise in telesales for a diverse range of clients, with success in converting leads and closing sales for multiple businesses. We can handle the initial and follow up calls to achieve the conversion of leads into sales.



Customer retention is a primary objective for most businesses, with the need to retain customers and ensure their satisfaction in your services and products. The i3R call centre agents will efficiently handle your customers enquiries and give them the support they need to ensure customer retention.


Focus Key Personnel Elsewhere

With today’s economic climate, it has made personnel resources within the company all the more vital. Various businesses have made the decision to merge positions together and increased workloads. Call centers take a lot of personnel and time to manage and operate efficiently. Outsourcing those solutions will provide an opportunity to focus your key people in other parts of the company.

Better Technology

Outsourced call centers are constantly in competition to have the newest updates, best software, latest technology, and fastest lines. You never have to worry about the costs associated with those advancements, if you decide to outsource. Let i3R worry about staying on top of the latest and greatest technology.


Within the operations and corporate structure of outsourced vendors, you find people who eat, breath, and sleep call centers.
These people have managed multiple programs and know exactly how to make each and every program successful, from past experience. These folks take the business very seriously and have the knowledge and know-how you can’t find anywhere else.
Taking advantage of this expertise can impact immense dividends on large programs or small start ups.


Our outsourced call centre services work perfectly with your business.

At i3R we’re striving to change the way Australians businesses use call centre services. We tailor simple and cost effective services to suit every business.

We encourage you to compare our service offering with our competitors – we know you’ll find we are one of the best outsourced call centre solutions for all your organisation needs. We do it better…

With personalised service and a unique level of transparency with our clients, we’re proud of what we do and think you’d be hard pressed to find a better outsourced call centre solution in Australia. We’ve got the experience and talent you need to get the best results for your business.

Our team of highly skilled i3R Outsourcing staff are Australian-based and are proud to deliver the best ‘turn-key’ solution for all our call centre clients.
Whatever outsourcing requirements you have – we’ve got it covered.

We’re proud of our amazing service and keep all of our clients involved in all stages of your outsourcing call centre service. Information is the key to all of our client’s success, so we’ve created a portal to provide live reports via the web, meaning you can access crucial business data 24/7.

Welcome to the future of outsourced call centre services – welcome to i3R.



Standard reporting templates are fully Customisable, enabling the presentation of results in multiple styles and on multiple devices.

If you’re a lover of Apple’s simple elegance or prefer the freedom of Android’s customisation, your personalised BI Dashboard is viewable via your app.


i3R understand the importance and value of data. We take pride in the way that we manage, store and access your data.

All data is stored with DES, and in a secure drop-box, which regularly undergoes ISO 27001 and SOC audits. We only store files that are 7-zip format and are password protected.